April 3, 2012

Let there be hope

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Well my youngest recently turned 14 years as he celebrated another birthday and I face the realisation that it has now been ten years since I saw my children as he was smiling, bubbly 4 year old last time we were together. On the actual day of his birthday I struggled to get through my day and could barely keep a hold of my emotions. But I am delighted by the fact that my brother who had been alienated from his children for 4 years had been reunited. I know its hard to believe that both me and my brother made such bad partner choices but I suspect that is down to the terrible experiences we both endured as children. The day after my youngest’s birthday I had an amazing surpirise, my brother bought his children to visit me. Once again I struggled to contain my emotions but I am so happy to say this time it was tears of joy. Despite the difficulties both the children and their dad have endured for so long they have already developed a great relationship. I now can look forward to being an aunt to these wonderful children and feel bless to have them back in mine and the rest of my families life and only hope their cousins will be able to come back to us in the not so distant future.

We still have hope!!!!!


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