January 19, 2012

Nobody asked why!!!!!

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On Boxing Day 2002 my children stayed overnight with me and my new husband, who my children loved so much so that my middle child accidently called my new husband Dad. When I dropped them back at their Dad’s house they were happy, smiling and looking forward to coming to stay with me again. However over the 6 months that followed I never even got to speak to them on the phone, constantly being told by their Dad they don’t want to talk to me or see me. In the numerous court appearances that followed the Judge and Cafcas accepted my ex comments that my children don’t what to see me without question and just told me they cannot force the children to have contact with me.

Now bearing in mind that I only came across the term of Parental Alienation last year, during all my court battles I knew nothing about it. I have since studied literature on the subject and connected with other parents who have had similar experiences to learn all I can about Parental Alienation.

I always understood what the court was saying, of course they couldn’t ‘force’ my children to have contact with me but now with my new found knowledge it occurs to me that they could of and should of raised a simple question,

‘Why do these children, who have for many years enjoyed a healthy and happy relationship with their mother suddenly, and without explanation, wish to have no contact whatsoever with their mother?’


January 9, 2012

Please don’t judge me

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I have accepted the fact that I need to leave my children alone to get on with their lives. I accept the fact that for my own sanity and health I need to leave me children alone. It doesn’t mean I love them any less, it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the pain of separation. So many people are quick to judge me because I am a mother without her children. I shouldn’t have to explain myself or justify me actions.

More needs to be done to make Parental Alienation more widely recognised hopefully then so many parents and children would be sparred the pain and heartache it causes and wouldn’t be judged.

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