October 19, 2011

I’d hate me too

Filed under: Now Surviving — by alifefullofspice @ 8:00 am

Yesterday I found out some of the lies that have been fed to my children by the father. Some of them made me sick to my stomach. Now I understand why when they were interviewed for my final court hearing they told Cafcass that they hated me. I’m sure if I had been fed such lies by a parent that I loved and trusted I would feel they same as my children.
It also confirms what I have always feel about parental alienation that it is child abuse. My children have been made to believe that I abused them, that must cause them a great deal of distress thinking they have been abused. As a child abuse survivor myself I understand the long term psychological damage abuse can cause. The fact my children think I abused them destroys the hope I had that one day they will want to meet me because I know I never want to meet me abusers ever again.


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