September 13, 2011

It’s a small world

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I volunteer with a domestic violence organisation but before I started earlier this year I went to their open day. Before the presentation we got to do an ice breaker during this we had to spend a few minutes getting to know the person sitting next to you. I got on very well with the person sat next to me and after the open day we went for coffee with her friend, we all hit it off and decided to keep in touch. I have met up with both women again and was almost knocked off my feet when I found out that one of the women had a daughter the same age as my youngest child and they both went to the same school!!!!!

I had another lovely surprise the women’s daughter is now in the same class as my youngest.

Too many people this may seem really trivial but for a while I haven’t even known where my children live. Now I will know at least whether they are safe and happy. I may even be able to pass on a message to my children so at least they know I love them and miss them so very much.

It at least restores my hope that one day I might have my children back in my life.


September 10, 2011

Life on fast forward

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It seems that in order to function well I need to live life on fast forward, if I go any slower then thoughts, fears and memories haunt me. The only problem I find is that but going too fast for too long means I end up crashing and burning. It’s just a vicious circle!  How I long to be able to live my life at a regular pace without been haunted by my past. How nice it would be not to have to suffer the burn out that follows such high-speed. I am always been told to slow down, take a break and I so wish I could.

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